I'm David Meikle, an author from Winchester in Hampshire. My first book was Reunited in the Desert, with publisher John Blake, in 2007/8. I am the ghostwriter for Charlie Richardson, The Last Gangster (Random House), 2014; Doctor's Notes (Headline), 2014; and I Am Not A Gangster (Ebury, Random House), 2014. The paperback version of I Am Not A Gangster was published in June 2015. It has a new, sinister front cover and a few other changes. Charlie Richardson, The Last Gangster, reached number 3 in the Sunday Times bestseller list.

I am currently working on The Parkhurst Years: My Time Inside Britain's Alcatraz and The Krays: The Prison Years.

I recently completed Diamonds for Rice with Eric Evans. The book tells the stories of his real life adventures and medical dramas, running side by side. The launch was held at Waterstones in Piccadilly.

It is a unique memoir, written from Eric's hospital bed. He had two bone marrow transplants from the same young donor, providing an astonishing medical story. As he clung to life in hospital, he recalled surviving the Orly Airport bombing and the bloody Liberian Civil War. He escaped the carnage in Africa by trading bags of rice for priceless diamonds.

I worked on the gangster books with ITV legend Fred Dinenage, who contributed compelling chapters and provided key contacts. Fred's updated version of Our Story, based on his face-to-face interviews with the Krays, came out in August 2015.

Reunited in the Desert was all about Helle Amin and her quest to reclaim her four children who were abducted to Saudi Arabia. Here is an excerpt:

As I approached the house, I was gripped with terror. Call it a mother's instinct, call it what you will. I knew that something terrible had happened. When I saw that my husband's car had gone, I feared the worst. I raced into the house and tore through all the bedrooms screaming, sobbing and desperate. I wanted my children so badly. Where were they?

Here is an excerpt from Charlie Richardson, The Last Gangster:

I could hear several loud gasps as the lurid details were read out in court. The allegations of pain, allegedly inflicted by a barbaric torture device, made me join in the gasping session. Had I really ordered my right-hand man to turn the handle, making sure that leads were attached to the most sensitive areas of Lucian Harris's body?

My other writing includes the poems and scripts for the Titanic 100th anniversary. I composed the work in the present tense. Around 800 descendants attended the ceremony in Southampton, and the event was broadcast live, world-wide.